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She has not spoken more than 10 words to me directly since December. Plenty of words about me though.

I was saying "Hi." and "How was your day?/How are you?" to her when she would some home. "Take care/bye" when she would leave. I never got anything more than a funny look. If she was watching TV when I would come home, she would promptly run down to her room. She is rarely home at all anymore [combo of her working & partying with friends (actually Marianna saw her at a bar and said she was so out of it Tanis didn't reconize her)].

One thing she does is when she is home is take a bath & shave. She never cleans the tub after. Also the toilet-paper is always used-up and she doesn't put a new roll on. I even put a spare roll in the bathroom hoping she would get the hint. She took it and used it without putting it on the roll *eww*.

Last week Jessica made chili, and I moved Tanis' grapes & apples down to the crisper so Jess could put it in the fridge.

Tuesday morning (almost a week after) I am woken-up to "I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL SARAH!!!!! I'M GOING TO FUCKIGN KILL HER!!!!". Jess was all "WHY ARE YOU SAYING THAT?", to which Tanis replies; "SHE KEEPS MOVING MY STUFF AROUND IN THE FRIDGE!!!! I'M GOING TO KILL HER!" and she stormed-out.

Now she has not helped with the last 2 housing inspections. Last night I decided to go hang-out with Katie at The Anime Club meeting. I got back at 10pm, and Tanis wasn't home. I cleaned the tub & the toilet & the sink area and behind the toilet. I also washed the dishes that were upstairs & cleaned the counters.

This morning we failed the Housing Inspection. The reason? Dirty oven & very dirty bathroom. 

Since I was leaving with Paul I left the inspection paper (Jessica had put it down on our bathroom sink), and a note. I left the paper as last time I left her a note she acted liek I was lieing abotu trying to fix the toilet.


We failed the housing inspection. They are coing back Friday so please help this time. You have not helped for the last 2 inspections. I cleaned it as best I could. However the tub/shower stuff & Mr.Clean bothers my breathing. Also I am out on Tuesdays 'till 10pm.

Also please replace the toilet-paper when you use-up the roll.


I decided to add about the toilet paper because it was the other thing I had to say to her.

Well I came home and stayed in my room playing RuneScape. She ca,e home, crumpled-up the note, and started swearing. She then went upstairs and compained to Marianna and one of her friends.

She just got done complaining to Jess and showing Marianna the bathroom She has deemed since she is rarely home that she shouldn't have to clean anything. That the bathroom is fine and we failied because of me.

I called Housing and asked. They told me to take a Mr.Clean 'Magic-Eraser' (which I typed Magic-Erasure) or some vinegar to get the marks/stains in the tub off.

I think Tanis is scrubbing the tub right now or was.

I'm horded in my room until late tonight so I can pee. I'm scared of her after she blew-up like that over grapes.

Atleast I have food in here....


Since I've been so depressed, I've been skipping school in order to sleep. I am holding out till Thursday and my appointment at 11:00am. I plan-on showering tomorrow morning before I leave so I can get my hair clean. I will also buy vinegar & a Magic-Eraser afterwards.
I am now off to read more of "Howl's Moving Castle" [SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!!]...

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