Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

PresentxKioxExtensions [sounds like Enzite to me...]

Here is some scans I found of the "Loveless" "Mind Map" anime artbook :3

I want to wear this Kio outfit from it!~♥ [will most likely be hitting The Salvation Army Thrift Store a few weeks from now, as I already have pants like that...]

I still wanna know what Kio's tatoo is of; Armie & I were crack hypothesizing(sp is WRONG) about like if Kio is Loveless's Fighter, if it -knowing Kio- is erotic, ect. I ALSO wonder what Kio looked like with his ears & tail >.>

I'm also on a AkuRoku kick again. I heart Axel, baby :3

Yeah I am not gettign a extenstion(I can not spell exstensionsesesedes) on my Art Portfolio of DOOM, so I am handing it the bulk of it tomorrow -___-; I just hope I can get that extenstion on my essas for Canadian History as I can get one handed in on time but it is a lost cause for the 2nd one ;___; Though I HAVE been working on "Unity (1918)" a crap-load mostly during Reading Week so I DO have a excuse -____-;

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