Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Happy Belated-Saint Valentine's Day~! [♪"It means so much to me like a Birthday or a pretty view"♫]

To all 4 of my lovely valentines I would love to thank-you!~


and I guess the very lovely Heather for the Batman valentine :D

Also alchemy_hisoka your Valentinr was full of awesome *hugs*.

I plan on posting something when I get a chance (like a picture or such).


Today was a awesome day! Wrote my Canadian History Mid-Term in like 36mins o_o; (I studied more than I needed to apparently...but I did write messy sadly) I then got my $65 back from the canceled-trip & dealt with the "Unity (1918)" poster I needed to hang in the laundry-room [I skipped Art History as I got 2 1/2 hours sleep last night and thus wanted to crash]. Once done I went and got a roll of quarters and.... ARMADEIIIIIIIIII'S PARCEL CAME!!!!!~♥ So I openned it and ate the onion-rings from my burger-deal I got at school. I loved it all damn.

Went to sleep on the couch and dreamt of Erasure being featured on ET! (Marianna and I were watching it, and I kept saying how cute Vincent Clarke was) & getting static-shocks off of the TV which semed to be brand-new yet looked like it was from the 70's...I then woke-up thinking it was dark outside for some reason (1:50pm in the afternoon o_o;). I gathered-up a fairly good lunch and darted-off to school. I finished all I could on my tissue-paper picture (the blue was not fully dry thud I couldn't cut it till then), and Jenn left a hour early. I left 30mins early.

Heather hadn't arrived yet so I sat and ate my sexy Coyote Jack's burger, and drank a can of Coca-Cola (I don't have a preference, though I prefer Pepsi if neither is flat yet since Coke seems to burn more at first...I like flat pop. I perfer lemo-twist Pepsi though, or Coke in glass bottles if I'm going for a cola-type pop). Heather arrived and was all "I HAVE CANDY AND A VALENTINE FOR YOOOOU~!" and I got a awesome Batman (1960's) valentine and a handfull of candy-hearts. I also openned-up a Cadbury Fruit&Nut bar and shared. Needless to say when we got to painting we were pretty giddy. She had brought her iPod and speakers, but after 2 Death Cab For Cutie songs we forgot about it and just chatted for like 2 hours. When we were done I walked her to the bus-stop and then walked home in -1c weather :D

Marianna's parents had ordered her a pizza for today (it was haerat-shapped as Boston Pizza had a offer of it), and have like 4 kinds of meat on it o_o; Meat & cheese & sauce...and crust. I love Boston Pizza, and now that I know they deliver I may just start ordering from them when I get a chance.

I came downstairs & Armie was still online so we chatted for a loooong time.

I got almost all of my favourite things today and it made me feel like the 'old' Sarah. The Sarah pre-Mattbeingaasshole. The happy/whole one :3


Now bed so I can get-up and write my English in-class essay/semi-Mid-Term -____-;

"With a step to your left, and a flick to your right, you catch the mirror way-out West"____"Rio" -- Duran Duran

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