Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"Jason-kun wants your babies!"___Armadei

It is now 4:00am o_o;

I stayed-up watching "The King of Swords" arc (where I left-off before I moved) of "Yami no Matsuei" ...I had to turn my light on after the hung-and-stiched torso of the owner was found.

Dismemberment scares the hell out of me, and hence is why the lovely Jason-kun would make me leerful of it...

Armadei says: Jason-kun wants your babies!
Sarah says:
and my fingers
Kun says:

That about sums-it-up...

I forgot how much I liked Watari though! [even just watching him in the OP made me giggle]

Also I think the creepiest thing about Muraki in this arc was when he spoke English to the generic goons; "He's a friend. I want you back off of him" said monotonely. I know it's just his seiyuu but still I found it creepy...."No! No! I have no money!"

Yeah and I found Tsubaki-hime to be cute...I was expecting her to actually have been the ghost all along...though not in the twisted heart-transplant manner. I was just thinking she woulnd't pass-on and such. I'm glad Med-Student-Guy wasn't brutally murdered *phew*!~ But still this episode doesn't yet come close to the mind-fuckery of Shou Tucker from FMA >.> now that was messed-up. Still taking your daughter's best-friend's heart and transplanting it into your daughter is pretty sick. Though the owner just wanted to help her and I think a lot of it comes from Muraki suggesting it. It kinda reminds me of that chapter from "X-Kai" and how this guy who worked in the Yakuza had a very sick girlfriend & his boss promised he would help her. He in turn killed the guy & put his heart into her >.> just to mess-around...

Now I hope #003 doesn't get killed...and I guess Jason-kun as I am to have unprotected/painful/self-mutilating sex with it/'him' apparently XD Would Watari watch? [he could understand a woman real well from it? (I wish I could be a guy at times so I get how he feels; I think...I watched a cooking-show today and the woman was all "I wish I could come-back as a octopus sometimes." & my rebuttle was "I want to come-back as a sex-pot/blound/green-eyed dude >;3")]

Remind me to watch a more light-hearted shonen anime this late at night next-time >.> [not "Hunter x Hunter" though as it gets me too giddy :P]


I can't wait until July!!!!~ 

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