Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Because lilmagegurl808requested it. 

This is the image from the Gackt poster I have on my wall. I took it to Wal*Mart PhotoCenter & had it made into a 11x14'' poster for $3.97CAD+tax.

Here is it on my wall by my bed. Also is my favourite Koyukiful picture, Minnow-baby, and the Kio picture Armadei drew me :3 [this wall used to have several pictures of Matt, and Matt & me from Prom' on it...all gone now....stuffed in a Zip-Loc and stuffed in my closet along with all the jewelry he has given me & the jewelry I wore to Prom'] I have the bicycle picture, a sunflower cross-stich, a picture of a sunflower, a picture of The Shag Wagon, and a picture of the Ed & Al snowmen I made one year; at the end of my bed on the wall.

I also have another poster like this, but it is colour-edited to a more 'Acid'/Vivid Light effect.

My other wall has 7 pictures of Minnow, 1 of Lotty, one of Armadei, a Telus wall calander, a picture of my in my Killua wig, a light-up bat, LED Christmas lights, and a picture of Trevor from like 2004 :3

My fridge has a "Yami no Matsuei" picture, a D20 Lylat Zinnian picture, another Koyukiful picture (the octopus one), my time-table, ans various magnets (Vancouver Canucks' jerseys, Bridgetown Home Hardware, and a Newfoundland&Labrador termometer one).

If anyone ever wants certain pictures from/of the world around me you just need to ask :3


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