Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Mezzo PianoxChococatx"Let's Go Mushrooming!"

I love Mezzo Piano's clothing. Sadley I can only wear the tops and not the lovely skirts due to my 'plumpness' being around my middle & hips.

Here has the Spring/Summer line from 2002 and wish I had of snagged that other top from bunny_parfait when I had the chance :(


For those who don't know, I happen to love Chococat~ I just wish I had spending-money so I could buy a thing or too from here...I love the tumblers the most since they are loevely purple.

I also would so but the "Let's Go Mushrooming!" fork&spoon set from there since it's like *bzuh?*

My Saint Valentine's Day money is going to be spent on renewing my Members for RuneScape & on a bento box. I am suposed to buy chocolate with what is left-over from the membership, but I would rather have one with a sliding divider >.>


Ahhh~ looking at cute things cheers me up >.> *moo*


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