Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Why Wal*Mart?

It is now 5:11am. I have been working with Wal*Mart's PhotoCenter online-thing since 12:25am. It seems to me I've had this problem of it freezing/crashing and such (with both Firefox & IE) before I left NS when I was trying to get my Graduation & Prom photos done-off...and tonight it was 88+1 pictures, not the 500+ from then --and it was really only 44 pictures, but one set needed to be in black&white D,:

I just hope they get my order and don't make me come-back later because the order-center just sent my order a few minutes before I arrived, eventhough it was ordered over 2 hours earlier (this is ONE HOUR PHOTO, and I had only ordered 49 photos in black&white) *huff!*

This is for 2 school assignments btw, the b&w are for PaintingI and the others are for Visual Fundamentals :(

But I got my lovely Gackt poster printed from their Photo-Center so I can't complain that badley ;P


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