Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Vol. 8 of "Loveless" just almost made me sick to my stomach. Dismemberment makes me sick anyway, but the eye-thing...Damn Semei is even more of a bastard than I took him for from earlier-on in this Volume.

I feel so bad for Nagisa...

Also I was starting to feel bad for Ritsu before this about when he was talking to Semei about how Semei completly ruined Soubi (I still don't like Ritsu -due to what he did to Soubi because of his mother-, but damn man).

Also the Ritsuka & Soubi talk during the fight with Nisei almost made me cry. I love those two.

Also I know Kio isn't dead (he is being saved for later, as it will break Soubi more...), but he is hurt & laying outside in the cold, unconscious...


Earlier tonight I watched the creepiest episode of KKJ I have ever seen. IT had darkness melting from this artist-kid's eyes because his painting became possessed by a demon.

I must say Kio was damn cute however :3 (you can tell they are Fine Arts students :D)

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