Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

♥~ [Kio cosplay]


I haven't styled the wig yet, but I don't really think it needs much (and I'm scared of ruining the softness of this lovely wig)...That outfit is just my favourite camasol under my favourite dress shirt (it's made in Russia and high-quality). I also have on 3 rubber-braclettes ('Sarah', 'Childern's Miracle Network', & 'I.W.K.'), and my Roxas wrist-thing. I also out on 4 clip-on hoop earrings on my right helix. I would not be able to wear them for extended periods of time as it hurts to take them off and such D: I could not find my wig-cap sadley...

In the above photo I am holding a butterfly ;P

That bottle is rated 'M' if you are wondering, but it seemed a very Kio-like thing to pose with...I love this picture though :D

I love this wig!~
4 clip-ons >_<
I remembered that Kio likes Chupa-Chups ;3 

Like[/failed attempt] in one of my User-Pictures :)


I think I may wear this to NoobCon instead of Roxas :D

Definatly coming to PortCon2008 ;3 with me!

More pictures from today can be found in my Cosplay -trails gallery....

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