Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*le sigh*

Yep told June about Matt.

It still scares the hell out of me that someone I've known for so long can just decided one day that I'm crap. It makes me worry about all my other relationships future and present. My freidnships and stuff.


I slept past my alarm this Morning. Woke-up when my 2nd class would be starting. Art History has podcasts though so I can catch-up easy-peasy. Canadian History however....

Going to school in a few minutes. Need to do somethings;

-remember to bring my note for last Thursday,
-bring tool-box,

-bring camera,
-check my mail,
-go to the library,
-print-off Armadei's picture she drew me,
-get re-shown how to log-in to the NEOS system,
-get "Sketchbook for the Artist" ordered in, [can't be ordered from the UoA library, has to be ordered from the local one]
-go to the bookstore,
-buy a Pentel colour wheel,

-several sheets of black charcoal paper,
-buy a 2-pack of white compressed charkoal (yes with a 'k'),
-browse-through a new copy of "Sketchbook for the Artist",
-get some ideas for journal entries from it (possibly snap a few secret pictures >.>),
-go to Visual Fundamentals,
-work on my '90 Shades of Yellow' assignment,
-finish yellow and start on '90 Shades of Red',
-take some pictures of textures around the school after-class,
-come home and wash dishes,

-clean my desk-off,\
-inflate my bed more,
-make my bed,
-put-away my laundry,
-start cleaning my floor,
-vacuum my rug/sweep my floor,
-get to bed early so I can get up at 7:00

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