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P N WxPost MailxOrange Juice

I can hardly wait till Sunday~! P N W and a CWs (Castle Wars, it's like 'Capture-The-Flag', and my favourite RS mini-game!) event!!!!!!

I am going to go as Melee, but will also be training my Mage some :3

Sunday, January 20th, 2008 = World 24 = 11:00pm GMT = hisensei808 [clan chat]



Tomorrow I need to go to school for a bit. I am not going to class as I am supossed to take 3 days to relax and avoid being out in the cold to give my infection time to heal better. I have a note too! I do however need to go and buy 4 sheets of cover-stock and a bucket of gesso. $29 dollars right there :(

I also hope "Sketchbook For The Artist" is in my mail, as I REALLY need to get started on my Drawing2 journal entries! I ordered it from Chapters-Indigo because it saved me 40% of what it would have cost me at the school bookstore. I also pre-ordered "Kingdom Hearts II" vol.2, and the 2 new Kingdom Hearts graphic novels; "The First Door" & "Darkness Within" :D I ordered all 4 books for almost the same price as I would have paid getting just the textbook ;__;


Sunday I am going out with Marsha. I need to be back by 4pm, though that shouldn't be a problem.

I need to;

-fill my electric kettle! (been meaning to since Tuesday Night),
-make a list of people I should have send Christmas cards to,
-DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE-OUT GARBAGE, [didn't need to, Jessica did it...]
-check my mail,
-call Marsha to see about what time I'm being picked-up Sunday, [around 12:00pm :D]
-go and buy gesso,
-buy a gesso-size brush
-buy 4 sheets of cover-stock,
-buy more postcards to have enough for the people on said list, [$17 later D:]
-buy ether some Sobe, or a bottle of Dole orange juice while at school, [bought both, and the Sobe (berry) tastes not so good as the strawberry-stuff I usally also tastes bad diluted and mixed with orange juice]
-mail letter to June, and random post-card I forgot to mail to Trevor,
-call June~♥,
-have a bubble-bath,
-clean my room somewhat; atleast my desk,
-go through the Crisco Hampers my mom got me & take what I want down to my room and stog it,
-let my Dorm-Mates have the rest,

-call my mom and thank her for putting money in my account to pay for my dental-work,
-play RuneScape and maybe work on Slayer (I think I have to kille 3 more skeletons...), [gained 2 comabt lvls :D killing hill giants for Slayer :3]
-eat, eat, eat (as I haven't been),
-get to bed at a decent time

-wash some dishes,
-put-down newsprint and all that jazz,
-gesso the cover-stock,
-re-read "Heart of Darkness" (as eventhough I have read it twice now it still remains a blur), [I am going to be turning to the dreaded 'Spark Notes' I do believe simply because I'm sick of reading the book...]
-do my postcards/Christmas cards, [part-way-done, I've done 1/4 of them]
-watch "Tokyo Godfathers",
-play KHII,
-work more on my springkinkfanfics,
-keep-a-eye-on lilmagegurl808's clan plans,
-watch Vancouver Canuck's game, [technically I fell asleep with 8mins left...]
-get some decent sleep [stayed-up till 5:49am, because I was too troubled to sleep]

-watch anime,
-think of possible Visual Fundamentals journal entries,
-go with Marsha,
-buy stamps for the postcards and mail them, [don't need to --I'm using pre-paid postage envelopes :D]
-mail Trevor's Christmas presents,
-buy a flower-pot for Estelle (slowly dieing Christmas cactus),
-pick-up my RAZR from Telus,
-buy a carton of orange juice,
-buy 'berry blue' Jello,
-buy some strawberry babyfood, 
-buy Clorox wipes [Lacey, Trevor's niece, literally uses her hands to blow her nose and played with my PS2 D:], [not 'Clorox', but Lysol ;__; brand]
-buy ether some orange popsicles or some rootbeer ones or some of those tri-coloured ones, [bought more Fudgesicles]
-come back,
-if before 3:30pm transplant Estelle & Claudia (African Violet),
-log-in to RuneScape at 3:30pm-ish,
-play with Pancakes and Waffles!!!!!!~, [only got to play for like a hour due to people arriving]
-Go to that friend-of-Jessica's-from-church's Birthday Party,
-go to bed early so I can get-up at 7:00am  [going to said Birthday party now] [I went to bed early, but woke-up and had a asthma attack...]


My root-canal went fine, but I am supossed to avoid being in the cold air, and to rest so I can get rid of what remains of the infection. I have a filling next Friday...

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