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General Lady Norémon~ :3

Yes this morning/afternoon was full of win. lilmagegurl808 held a Clan Wars event and *squees* long story short it was awesome, a new clan was started, and I am one of 3 Generals in said clan, I also got to hang-out at Tomcat's house and steal his tea ;P (which *shush* but I forgot how to make for a few minutes)

----> Pancakes and Waffles <----

I am so giddy right now.

Another event for next weekend too is in the works~

It's nice not to be called a complete and utter n00b just because of my combat lvl. Sure some Clan Wars recruits did say "boot the 46" but really hisensei808 and the others took-up for me.

I also make a lovely decoy/scout/lure. Since my lvl is low if I am the one that runs to the front lines and sees what we are up against, then the other team may just think that they are against low-levels. Also if I flail around the battlefield ["on the Battlefield."] a lot of opponents will try and take-me-down >;P [I also like using the Seerer Orb, or whatever it is are called].

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