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I wish "Hello! Merci chao I love you!"

Well I have gotten myself in a bit of a pickle. I have various animes all downloaded, yet I don't know when I am gonna get to watch them all. SOOOO, I decided I should have a schedule-su. :P So I's needz your help. I have;
DN Angel,
Full Metal Alchemist,
Kamikazi Kaitou Jeanne,
and HunterXHunter on the way.
So If I work it out right I can watch some of one a day. So like just suggest what I should watch each day. I can watch on Saturday, Sunday, Friday, and usally Weekdays. >^.^< I am having a candy withdrawl. I need Cadbery fruit and nut hearts. GDI! And the bloody Pharmasave it out of stock. I hope they get some in by Monday, so I can do the yearly tradition of buying them 75% off on Tuesday! >^.^< *SQEE* Oh guess what next week is? Well I should say next Saturday...The start of Mew Mew Power! I know I'm pathetic for being excited for a horrible dubs arrival, but I love Tokyo Mew Mew, and 4Kids can't mess it up that bad can they? *gets all shakey and curls up in the corner* Well maybe they will mess it up, but so? Poor Pudding. And they changed their names, to crappy non-food names, like Zoey, and Reneé. You can eat a Reneé. Well maybe you can, but I bet she won't taste as good as Lettuce, or Pudding. So I shall celebrate the Mew Mew, with marked down candy, and probbally drawing horrible-crapply-drawn fanart. I fell artistic, I was gonna draw today, I even brought my pencil crayons, and art book to my Mom's to draw so cute stuff. Wait I never said I borrowed The Minish Cap from Trevor-poo. I am stuck in the ruins place in Castor Wilds, the dungeon part. I like Ezlo, even though he is a anoying bugger. ;) I like the mountain Picori the best, because of teh goggles. I think I will print out a walk though for that part, and a Lord Jabu Jabu one while I'm at it. I also want some cheats for Star Fox 64, because Matt left my game out in the cold, and it deleted my data. I know I could always beat the thing on the hard route, but I can beat Andross's eyes/brain, or get all the spotlights, or beat Super-Duper Team Star Wolf. So I guess, I'll just have to use a cheat to get sound test, if there is one. Oh I never knew Ninja's could fly. *needs to hijack a ninja to fly her to Ireland* (but not Silent, 'cause he's groovy)

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