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Yep making this post from a Inter Net Café ('The Cozy Internet Café' infact)...costing me $2.00CAD too use the net infact D:

I just got done at Dr.Martin's :3 I REALLY needed a treatment! It still causes a lot of pain but I feel a damn lot better afterwards. She has informed me I need to go see one of her coleages (sp is definatly wrong) before I leave for a extra massage-massage not just a ajustment one.

I was up late last night watching "The Bells Of Saint Mary's". I love that movie. It tends to make me want to cry though. Also there is no way for the heroine & the hero to be together in love as it's a nun & a pastor -- though it is for the better as it adds to the whole movie.

It is about a decrepite school run by nuns that a local tycon is wanting to buy and tear down so he can make a parking-lot for this massive building he is building next-door. The nuns don't want to sell since it means so much and the next nearest school is very far away. The Mother-General (is that the word?) sends this new pastor there to see if he can get the nuns to agree since too much money has already been put into the school to try and save it from being condeemed, but it still is not up to the standards and the city is threatening (the Horus rich-guy is on the council aswell). The pastor falls in love with the place's charms but still does dealing with the old-guy. There is a nun there called Sister Benedict. She is wonderful. She preys that the old-guy will donate the building to be used as a new school.

I'm not going to say what happens in the end besides from the fact that Sister Benedict developed Tuberculoses and is tranfered to Arizona. This leads to my constant reference of taking a trip to Arizona at mentions of TB...

Yeah I recommend it.

But yes I don't want to spend anymore D: so CIAO!!!!!

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