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Yo yo yo!~

I havent heard from Matt since Sunday... School was cancled Monday, so I didnt go see ppl till the next day. Yeah I got my hair cut Tuesday then met Matthew D at Bill and Lee's and got a slice of bacon & pinapple pizza. June drove me and him to BRHS. I visited teachers & the office-ladies. Then we went to the elevator alcove area we used to sit in. Then I came home and dyed my hair. At 6:00-ish June, Wendy & I went to Mountain Lea Lodge. I love seeing Claude! I wish I had grandparents of my own... I am going to try to visit again before I leave. That night I decorated the tree (mostly). Wednesday I went to Dr.Scott`s and to get new glasses. I enjoyed his assistant Edward :3 I choose 2 pairs (Vogue Optical) one is a lovely metalic dark purple the other is a light silver lilac. The should arrive in my mail in January ;P My uncle was nasty to me on the way back and said some rotten shit about/to me. I got back and cooked. Now I`m watching one of my favourite movies; "The Bells Of Saint Mary`s"! Minnow is still the win and Patches too!

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