Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

1st stage as Sora down :3

Beat "Land of Dragons" tonight :3

Yeah now I must decide: Should I face Demyx or Xaldin? *whines* I wanted to be like Hisoka and save "Beast's Castle" till later, but now faced with "Mount Olympus" I'm all "Maybe I should go fight 'The Whilewind Lancer, instead of 'The [lovely] Melodious Nocturne'..."

I think I may go after Xaldin >.> I want to save Demyx for longer....

"Got it memorized?" [I also played the Twilight Thorn boss battle over (MY FAVOURITE ONE!) and fought against Axel in The Mansion...I really just wanted to see the cutscenes for the Reversal attacks and to hear the wonderful qoute from him]

^_____^ *is turning into a Axel fangirl eventhough she is fighting it*

I so do not see the pairing of Zemyx...I see AkuRoku sure, and somewhat RikuSora but Zemyx leaves me baffled. I can see AxelDemyx, but maybe it's just that I don't like Zexion?

Also Sora is growing on me somewhat. the "But he sluged me!" cutscene started it I say! Roxas is still balled-up in my heart however! Sora made me want to cry in pain as I re-watched the cutscene where Sora, Donald & Goofy wake-up; the whole jumping about in a circle totally downgraded anything I had started to feel for The Somebody Keyblade Chosen One ^^;

Xigbar is SO a surfer *tubular* XD [ a surfer or a hippie >.>]
Tags: playing kh2

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