Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*flails wildly*

Today must be "Sarah is prone to inflicting bodily harm day" Last night at 1am I went to go upstairs to rinse out my waste-less juicebox so I could have some water for bed, and I tripped on the steps and got a friction burn and a big bruise on my knee. Today when I went to make my cardboard Virgin Mary face I got heavy-duty hot glue on my fingers. it took some of the skin off one and burned the knuckles of the other 2. Then while playing KHII I kicked myself in the hand and got a bruise (I get REALLY into it when fighting Twilight Thorn) -- like who on my FList can say that they kicked themselves in the back of the hand while dancing around playing a video game? Then I was getting a hot-water-bottle for bed (I need to share it between my foot and my tennis elbow), and I spilled boiling water on my index & middle left-hand fingers! Like ouch. Yeah I couldn't find my opened tube of Polysporin so I had to open the one June sent me (I love her). I know I'm going to have blisters tomorrow from it...and they were amoung the fingers I got hot-glue on today (heavy-duty hot-glue is not craft hot-glue. It is the thicker more opaque stuff for the work-shop)...I'll be ok, I'm just dissappointed in myself :P I've got a cold cloth on them right now till the initial burning pain calms down nd then I'll be even better. Atleast it wasn't my right-hand!!! =O

*is in high spirites*

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