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Pudding Ring Inferno ^_^

Well I got kinda baned from the comp again. Fo rno reason I might add. I got to school early, but stil they complain about me not getting up early enough, and being late. Bunch of bloody control freaks I might say. But I'm going on tonight anyhow. I have to turn then thing off, if all my lovely stuff downloaded. But now on to what I am downloading >^.^< I think I shall start by rambling on about Full Metal Alchemist. I really enjoy it. I watched epo' 1 and 2. I was downloading up to epo' #5 last night. I am letting them finish downloading first before, I download more. FMA has a lot of points on morality, and sort of realigous (real + that other thing, which I can't spell.) Like if you get to close to the sun you'll get burnt. Implying how Edward and Al tried to bring back their mom, by doing a forbidden act. They broke the hidden, yet one of two main rules of Alchemy. Ressurecting a human/human tranmutation. The other rule being not to turn stuff into gold. In doing this "taboo" act, Edward lost his arm and leg. Al lost his whole body, 'cept for his soul. But in away he lost part of that to, to sin that is. I felt bad for poor Roze. She had hoped to get her boyfriend back, and that was like her reason for living. I did not like the priest, nor (nor heh. I love using that word.) do I like Lust and Envy. I am watching the japanese version, with subtitles. I really adore Edward. He looks so girlish. He also reminds me of Hikaru Shindou, in looks that is. I find it very funny, how Edward puts words in peoples mouths, when thay call him short. He looks a lot like Samantha from Medabots then. The only thing I don't really like about subtitles is how some times the person who tranlated it will change one of the words he was using, like "Sorcere's" became "Phliosophers" (kinda like in Harry Potter). And sometimes the subtitles go to fast to read. I think Edward is sooooo cute, but not as cute as Dark, who I am getting to now.
The other thing I am downloading is DN Angel. Again like as in Full Metal Alchemist there are subtitles. I like how the roles are reversed in a way, with Daisuki as the more "mahô girl" type character. It has kind of the feel of most girl starring comics, only with a guy. I like how mid sequence the serious tone, will change to lighthearted. The kid with Krad in him (don't know his name...-__-) gives me the creeps. He's all like I want you Daisuki. I know It more of his obsesion with Dark being in Daisuki. I hope Risa-san and Daisuki-kun hook up. I find the subtitles don't matter as much in DN Angel as they do in FMA. Well "matter" isn't really the word set I'm looking for. The voice actors and the subtitles kinda minger together, so afterward you get more of a <> from it. Like when I got home last night after watching epo' 1, while I was eating chinese food, I remembered kinda sluggish the epo' being in english, like with Daisuki's mom. Then I'm like "*slap* no Sarah, it was in Japanese." I think Dark is hot. Like Dark Dark, not Daisuki Dark. I bought two graphic novels last night. Tokyo Mew Mew vol. 2, and Misomething-chan In Wonderland. If I had know what it was about before I bought it, I probbally wouldn't have. Poor girl. Every story is like, "let's rape her!" or "Let's take yours/our clothes off!" But I did like the "X Land" one. I kinda like X. The dude with the googles, that appears in TsuBasa is cool, so is the preistess aswell.

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