Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

meme from Armadei~

1) The Age You'll Be On Your Next Birthday

That's right I'm going to be 'bucket' :D

2) A Place to Which You'd Like to Travel


3) Your Favorite Place

I am reminded of Clifford o_o; (howl-or-dog?)

4) Your Favorite Object

"swan necklace"

5) Your Favorite Food

"I piddy dah foo"
"I piddy dah foo'" "We i'ther be chill'n or gonna rape yah; sucka!" :) [they kinda remind me of Wario and Luigi >..>]

6) Your Favorite Animal

I know they are mine too...

7) Your Favorite Color


8) The Town in Which You Were Born

at the I.W.K. old Grace :3

9) The Town in Which You Live

Barbados ^^; (it actually is my hometown's official 'Sister City' :D)

Holy artifical lake ramp Batman!

10) The Name of a Past Pet

11) The Name of a Past Love

Actually the cat-hat is sucking-out his brains?

12) Your Nickname / Screen Name

That is one ugly dress....and her lips are huge o_o;

13) Your First Name

"Masturbatrix Sarah orders my cock ...
345 x 498 - 34k - jpg"___actual Google image search caption o_o;

14) Your Middle Name(s)

I'm a real boy girl now?

Very interesting bra you have on thar...

15) Your Last Name

He don't look Irish!

16) A Bad Habit of Yours


17) Your First Job

Is this a insult? Or can I have that Snickers?

18) Your Grandmother's Name

Go watch "Suddenly Last Summer"

19) Your Major in College

I actually have a shirt like that so my Major is 'coping a feel' ^^;


I found 2 pictures of the ACTUAL Bridgetown I'm from :3


This is the pub located about 4-5 houses down the road as my house :D


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