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Your Score: Tengu

You scored 11 in Malice and 22 in Chaos!

Tengu are birdlike demons which inhabit the woodlands and mountains. They come in two classes: Higher tengu and lower tengu. Higher tengu occupy their own kingdoms which mirror those of humans; they dress in fancy clothes, beautiful silks, and wear jewelry and crowns. Lower tengu are little more than bird/human hybrids who flit from tree to tree and serve the higher tengu. Both higher and lower tengu have red faces and long noses.

Tengu are very mischievous creatures who love to torment humans-- not out of cruelty, but because they find practical jokes amusing. They often interrupt those who take their work seriously in media res by swooping down and hanging their 'victims' on tree limbs by their pants. They have a very strange sense of humor. At times, however, they can overstep the boundaries of good taste and cause genuine harm, as in cases where they kidnap and traumatize children.

Tengu are also fierce warriors and highly skilled archers and hunters; they will gladly take any worthy humans as disciples and train them to be good rulers and soldiers. They will also teach supernatural arts to priests, although at a cost; those who use these newly acquired supernatural powers for their own benefit become tengu themselves.

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