Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

MS -- November 12th, 2007

  <---RARRR! I am dead!

Today was a good day :3

I went with a party to New Leaf City...and then had to beg for a subway ticket to get back as the monsters there were right tough D: and thus I couldn't get meso from them [I wish I really could steal :( ]

You see that cute thing? It did like 156 damage, and that plant did over 250 a hit, and shot seeds or something at me from a distance. They reminded me of that "Monster Party" old Nintendo game first boss....I don't think anyone on my FList has heard of Mark & Bert...I think the plant went "Oh Baby!" and other things like that....

Yeah and then I helped lower-level players and such. Oh and was called "Ugly & GEY" but a chick with a ugly getto hair-style :P I simply said "Sorry I happen to be taken by my boyfriend chicky" and made my kissy face at her :3 [Once again Sheikano is a MALE character X3]

 <--- I doubt Sheikano dresses like a good theif....[If I had a star hair-pin I would so dress as him for school XD]

I love playing as Sheikano!!!!!!~

I am almost lvl14 and then once I get to 15 I can wear my sexy Nightshift which I've been dreaming of every since I choose the Theif class :3

[I also didn't do barely any work on my essay today ^^;]
Tags: maplestory

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