Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Right pissed now [MapleStory]

I partied with another theif to do the MoonBunny party-quest and I like I followed him all the way from acrossed Victoria Island. I stayed-up late and we got there and tried to find 1 more member, then I lost connection. When I went back on I discouvered that I was no longer in the party, so I ask "Huh?" and I get told 

"srry doing pq can't talk".
After the long trek, giving him 150meso to recharge his subi, and switching channels like 20 times...oh and going though the Slime Tree dungion thing....I got fucking ditched.

I also died trying to get to Ellsia, because of armoured pigs & golems that did 256 damage a hit [I fell down a hole and couldn't get out]. I might just have to waste 500-1000 meso on a cab to get to Kerning City or Ellsia.

I am fucking pissed that I wasted a lot of my time.

MAAAAAATTTTTT!!!!!!!! We are going to do that quest together [I wish with Trev] when your Character gets to around lvl15 'kaaaaaay? 

For now I am going to train on Slimes once I get to Ellsia again and reach lvl15 :3 so I can wear the NightSkift outfit :3 [I am tring to be a Bandit class with my Theif]

In other news I was told I had a pretty star by a 'Killua' XD


I declare that Sheikano = pimp >;3

Anyone else have MapleStory? Wanna play with me???!

Sheikano on Bera
Tags: maplestory

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