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Christmas List~ [and Cards]

Originally Posted: November 11, 2007, 18:57

Yep what I want for Christmas this year., and also at the bottom will be pertaining to recieving/sending cards.

-a working SNES,
-"Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters",
-Noble Pink Nintendo DS & "The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass",
-The Red Elvises "30 Greatest Hits" cd-set,
-"Yakitate!! Japan" volume1,
-"Kingdom Hearts II" volume1,
-"Iron Chef: The Official Book",
-jewelry (costume preferably),
-"Banana Fish" volume1
-"KamiKaze Kaitou Jeanne" volume2,
-Cyborg Raiden action figure (XD) [or regular Raiden :3]**,
-a date
-Luongo's number Vancouver Canucks' vintage blue/green/white jersey,
-Zinnian fanart :P
-any fanfics for the pairings I like [KilluaGon, AkuRoku, KouKou, LestatNikki (:P), MyloZinn (*lmao*)],
-a red Christmas cactus,
-"Shaolin Soccer" & "Kung-Fu Hussle" on DVD(S),
-Jacques Pépin's "Chez Jacques" & "Fast Food My Way" books,
-"Tension Rising" ringtone,
-someone to play MapleStory and/or D20 Lylat with me D: 

It is in no order, but I bolded the things I really want :P [now really I only expect to get the Nintendo DS, as I know Wendy & June put it on lay-away ^^; other than that I doubt I will get any of the others, 'specially the date...]


Ok! Card time!

If you want to recieve any holiday cards from me, send a e-mail to ladynoremon at gmail dot com with your address :3 and I will try and send you ether a card or a postcard :D [I will send anywheres ;3]

You can send stuff to me if you wish here:

Sarah Dumphy
Box 298, GPRC Residence
10726-106 Avenue
Grande Prairie, Alberta
T8V 4C4



** I think this Raiden action figure looks like He-Man o_o;
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