Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Got a Symposium to attend tomorrow for Remembrance Day.

I am attempting to dress-up for it as a sign of respect. I am wearing my favourite yellow dress top, and my blue hounds-tooth skirt, and navy&light blue stripped knee-highs as I think the skirt looks too short without them...oh and a slip :P


I haven't started much on my essay for Tuesday....

I just can't seem to make words sound good. I will be reading "Jane Eyre" more again tonight though. [I forgot the Kate essay again too...though I am fighting with myself about re-writing it or trying to fix what I wrote while on Buscopan....]


Oh! Yesterday I was so in the mood for another Lestat & Armand convo'-thing. As I got the "'o'-mouth" and almost had a revelation in Art History yesterday in regards to what I am referring to as "Plato's Cave".


Now I am off to read more of Charlotte Brotë's novel....which is now 'slightly' wet due to me reading it in the tub & splashing it with water when I got into the tub ^^;


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