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The music tour guilds pants are on fire

Tue Nov 16, 2004, 3:03 PM
More like the insane guy on the radio.
As most know I live in Bridgetown Nova Scotia Canada. Well my weekend went well...not...well kinda. Typing with gloves on is kinda hard. Anywho. I got woken up early on saturday because Mrs.McNeil wanted to know if we needed the camera. I said no baceause it wouyln'd be mucj use to me because of ther snow. All goes well till the cabel goes off. no problem really I go use the computer and find out how to edit my .Hack chat avatar.
The morning im touseled out of bed. I used that word because it descibed how I feel. Anyway as soon as I start taling to Minnow. Wendy tells me that I had better stay in bed (that's a switch), because the powers off. So I go though Sunday without power. I eat a Kam (kam the god of meat) sandwich and all is right. Wendy played Save The Princess, and Option. Juned played Yatzee with me. Were alright as long as we have the wood stove, batteries, and bottled water.
Monday comes by. No power. We start getting down in our canned food and water supply, considering The radio says (we have a crank radio) that we might not get power till Friday. So I go with Kenny and Carl over to Clover Farm. Kenny's truck is stuck, something about the breaks. So We get into the store. They don't have a generater or anything. I get ourstuff and go and wait in line. I see people I know, and a lot I don't. We get our cat food, ritz crackers, puddings, and canned soup. I could list off what we got, because I had to get it all myself, then wait in line with it for 10 min, well probbally more but I didn'tr have my watrch on me. I get home eat some cream corn. Wendy's melting snow to flush the tolite. We are down to the last bottle of water not down under the snow in the basement. So the send me with Kenny to go get water at the town's public work office. Rondney had gotten the truck un-stuck. I go up fill the bottles, and the blatter (a 5 gallon camping jug thinghy that is only thin plastic, and saged and got bigger as I filled it.) with water from the hose screw thing. We get home. I tied Minnow out. Then I have to run out into the snow with my slippers on, to save her. She had gotting caught up into the brush. My feet wet, and my nose running, I wrap mytself up in a blaket and think about yaoi. What else can a tired cold bored fangirl do? lol. Wendy yanks the blanket off me. because people are coming in. Arrgg I was just getting comfy. So I have to get tea, and hot choclate for them. I wish we had a generator, just for the water, refrigerator, and the deep freezes. The little girl Sandy was looking after was scared because not only are hewr parents all the way in Mexico, she is scared of the dark. Sandy was the person who had come in. Then around 3 or 4 the power comes back on. I eat brush my hair out . and lisen to DDR music. I get a call say9ing that the power might be only temperary. So I get Wendy to fill the bathtub up with water. Then I hear on the radio, that school is canceled. Bridgetownb included. It usally never fails whenever all the other tricaunty schools are closed BRHS and BRES are open. I think if the were open a lot of people would be uber angry. Due to Bridgetown being listed as a in a state of emergency and all. Then I start working on a puzzle with June. The anouncer comes on the radio saying that the rumurs of the power going off again are fake. The the power will stay on, unless anouther storm comes. Marsha calls me to say there is no school. I told her I knew. She thought she had inside information. Matt had been without phone since I talked to him on Sunday. I hope he has phone still. So now I am cold. but happy to be able to use the compy and have power.

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