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I really should take down my Halloween decorations [and move mah bat to mah wall] and clean undr my bed so I can put it away **; -- It is soooooo messy under there! [though I need to clean anyway to get my inflatable chair out >;3]


Yeah I played Kingdom Hearts last night -- not Kingdom Hearts II, just the 1st one -- and totally kicked Selphie's, Tidus' & Wakka's asses *biach* :3 And I almost beat Riku, but I got my camera stuck behind a palm tree and he smacked me right hard, and then I was at a disadvantage :( I landed a fuck load of hits on him too! I am going to go beat him during a break today :3 Sora-baby will wipe that smirk off his face :D [I've come to call Roxas, Roxy-poo, and last night I started calling Sora, Sora-baby. So yep Sora-baby will lay a smack-down on Riku-kins :D]

I don't like Sora very much D: Is there something wrong with me? I can stand him during KH but there have been times I want to punch him in KHII! He is soooo happy and childish and full of "I shall do this because it is the right thing to do :DDD" D: I like main characters like Dante....or Link (though does Link count as he never says much and takes on weird tasks...). The 24/7 lighthearted types annoy me -- 'specially when they are over 14. Like Gon isn't like Sora. Gon is Gon [and 13-ish], and Sora is a childish-dork. Maybe it's my Roxas talking? I loooooooooooooove Roxy-poo soooo much! I was hoping that having Roxas back would make Sora more cool, but it doesn't seem to have worked much....Oh! I am really digging Axel :3 He is just full of awesome-ness. Though if I were Roxas I would have tried harder to find-out what he was doing to protect me, and then I would have punched him. He would have listened to Roxas I think and not exploded himself....hopefully D:

While I am on the KH topic I would like to say that I am suprised Sora can even run in his shoes! Are his feet really that big? The shoes look stuffed, like those sneaker-slippers they used to sell! Riku's are like Gangsta!Chic, but Sora's are MASSIVE =O

Riku is soo very Gangsta XD He even wears like leather wristy-gloves *hair-flip*. Riku also annoys me I must say D: just because he is so arrogant at times [*shhhh* The Brat Prince doesn't need to be involved]....I remember when I used to be a Riku fan....I also don't like Kairi =O yeah and I am still a fan of these games! I may not like the 3 main characters but that is alright! I like Naminé....I must like Nobodies more it seems.....except Mansex, and a few other members of Organization XIII. Btw; Demyx is a pimp.


I neeeeeeeeeeeeed Matt! They are leaving in like 3 days ;____; and I was hoping to see him once more before then.


I cleaned more of my desk off last night :D It is no longer covered in crap [sticky-spots & coffee powder], but the other side needs to have the papers moved! It actually isn't a mess it's just got a lot of papers piled over it....I'm going to put my clothes away first though, after I wash the 2 plates I have. 


"Remember when the boys were all electric?" o_o;

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