Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star


Got it right with Treovr again! [sure it will take awhile till it is 100% again (maybe 340%? was how it was before...) but still!] 

I made Matt worry so bad though because of how depressed I have been. I feel like a ass for making him shake like a dildo over me. I wish I didn't have to talk about my problems with him as he has his own but I can't help it sometimes.



I was busy with personal reasons! [talking to my best friend whom I thought I had lost, and letting Matts know that I was not 'suicide' depressed. I was just self-loathing & guilty depressed with a smidge of futility there aswell]

Because of this I am going to get 20% off of it as I won't be home tomorrow Night ;3 [this is also for a fun personal reason]


I got a new plant! His name is Frederick and he is a white Spathiphyllum (like a lily mixed with a foilage house-plant)! I SHALL type up his 'back-story' later-on :3


I heart him! [and he cost me over $20 if you include the pot & potting soil I had to get to transplant him]

Oh! And techinically he is a school supply as I drew Hibiki several times for school :3

"Spathiphyllum is mildly toxic to humans and animals when ingested." Good to know that I shouldn't be tempted to eat him >;P


Oh and I read Vol.#06 of "Loveless" today while I ate my eggs&bacon&ketchup&toast&jam :3 and a few pages of chapter#01 of Vol#07...thank-you Armadei for rekindling my Kio love :P [I still say we have a lot in common...we both like suckers, are fine art students, and are occasional perverts...oh and the glasses XDDD]


Now I am off to bed!!!!!!!

[I love sex-pot, Cheeseboy & Armie; you guys really♥ helped me this weekend!!!!]
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