Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

*eats your face?*

Yep got all the drawing done for my egg project. I just need to wait till my lamp cools down so I can move it out of my way, then I shall begin the process of removing my finger-marks that make it look dirty; the it is just 'workable fixative' away! :3


Yeah the last few days I've been getting whiff of certain smells that just make my stomach flop, and my throat feel like something is in the back of it. Looking now though, nausea is yet another mild/expected side-effect of the Depo' [Depo-Provera]. [I just hope my boobs don't shrink >.>] Other than that the only side-effect I am having is no energy [also made worst by only getting around 7 hours of sleep the past few nights]...and of course no baby-makin'...I like the last side-effect >.>


Mr.Bader told us that [Tina] Mrs.Martel was out today due to being sick, so I'm hoping she won't be there for Drawing class <.< since I don't want to have my lovely eggs critiqued today, as I am very blah. I also only have my shift-contour, blind-contour, & modified-contours done for my hands. I only have one foot-drawing done, and haven't started my good value for the hands isn' due till Wednesday though so I will "git-er'-dun" ^^;


I have a essay to write for English due the 29 D: on "The Taming of The Shrew". That book reallt pisses me off. The treatment of Kate is unjust...even if she is a "shrew". Petruchio should be more concerned about getting her pregnate! It's good that she is head-strong considering all the servents he has. I wanted to punch him 'right in teh face' when he tossed the meat around -___-;

On the other hand Lucentio [♥] is almost as swave as Rudolf Valentino :D


I have a fuck-load of laundry to do tonight, and I need to study for my Canadian History test tomorrow more :3 [HALIFAX *biach*] I love Canadian History class. I just feel horrible that I missed a few classes, have been late for some, and fell asleep once [the day I was sick and had only gotten around 5 hours sleep the night before].

I do believe I shall be taking some antropology classes next term :3 and if it keeps going the way it is I might possibly be switching my major after I finish the Visual Arts course...


Also I am "sexier than mango"♪ :3


I much prefer using hairspray to using 'Workable Fixative" ;_____; it smells right bad [once again]...

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