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Canucks~ 10-13-2007

01-00 <--- 1st Period

I went downstairs to get cookies and I missed the goal by Naslund ;_____;


*dances like Shakira* 


Morrison got a goal :D with help by Daniel Sedin


Daniel Sedin just got a goal :D [missed it due to bladder making me have to run downstairs to pee ;___;]


2nd intermission :3

03-00 Vancouver <--- 2nd Period


Pyyyyaaaat~ :3 four goals for Vancouver :D [missed it due to getting a drink and a blankie :( ]


I feel sooo in the mood to play D20 involving a gay bay [or a sex club?] ;__; with just Zinn & Matt's characters




Waaaaaaah~! Edmonton just got a goal D,:


Vancouver Canucks beat the Edmonton Oilers 04-to-01 :3

Also I called Trevor's place and got his dad, and he said he would make sure he called me ether tonight or tomorrow ^^;

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