Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

"falls wanking to the floor" ["Time" -- David Bowie]

Yep took tonight off to play RuneScape. I will do Drawing1 work tomorrow, because tired Sarah is not a creative Sarah, or a productive one.

I did buy a desk-lamp for the assignment though, so I shall be doing it.

I have gained 3 4 thieving levels tonight, and a defense level :3

"Keep thine hands to thineself Lady Noremon" XD ["But Miss I have my hand in your pocket for a purly non-sexual reason :3"]


Yeah still no word from Trevor...he has till Monday Evening.....


-Go to bed at 11:15pm [I went to bed at 12:32am, and fell asleep around 12:50am]
-Go to sleep (without thinking about last Sunday Night's 'trist', or about AkuRoku for too long) [I thought about Thanksgining Evening too  much >.> and had another AkuRoku dream...]
-Get-up and eat [check, though I got-up at around 2:00pm o_o;]
-Read hand-out again
-Make turkey sandwiches

-Set-up eggs for still life.
-Draw and finish 2 drawings for project.
-Eat the rest of the turkey/sandwiches
-Have a shower
-Possible talk to Matt darling
-Watch Canucks' game
-Go to bed early
-Get-up relatively early

Oh if you want go look at my DeviantArt gallery; I added 4 new pictures ;P


 <--- drawn on FaceBook XD [Raver Zinn?]

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