Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

Lyndis in SSBB?

Yeah it's Lyndis** from Fire Emblem. I have also seen Prince Marth in one of the trailers, so atleast Marthy will be in it [Prince Marth is 2nd in my top 5 Video Game hotties]***

I would also like to say that I have played "Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters". Right before I had my tonsils out they handed me a GameBoy (old skool) to help calm me down. I remember killing a snake with arrows on some cloud-like platforms. Also going in-and-out of black like door-ways on the walls. I am super proud to have played it >.>

Also will SnakexSamus be CANON? *snerk & oh noes*?! [I had a convo the other day about this where I joked Snamus = OTP♥] >.> I wish Liquid would make a appearance....I am a Cam Clarke fan ^^;


** Lyndis is from the same game that Eliwood/Roy is in. She lives on the plains (actually a unknown princess). I am sooooo close to the end of the game...Erk = sex ;P [I haven't beaten it because I don't want to lose Erk, Matthew, or Wil..I miss Rath's awesome-ness]

*** Sarah's List of Top 5 Video Game Hotties;
Lau Wong -- "Bujingai",
Prince Marth -- "Fire Emblem",
Sheik -- "The Legend of Zelda" & Erk -- "Fire Emblem" are tied,
Dante -- "Devil May Cry"
Ashei -- "The Legend of Zelda"

Also Eva -- "Metal Gear Solid" is almost tied with Ashei *motorbike to the face*.

Raiden -- "Metal Gear Solid" is not on here because he isn't that cool 'cept in looks and in MGS4 [if he rocks in that he is on my list...robo-dink & all XD]


BTW I spilled Krazy Glue on my left middle finger o_o;

[I want "Phantom Hourglass" & "358/2 Days"...and a Nobel Pink DS...*whine*]


Oh and I've pretty much killed Hibiki****. I never transplanted him. Tonight I took off his dead leaves, but yeah won't survive till next I guess it's plant shopping again ;___;

**** Hibiki = my decorative indoor sunflower


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