Naïvety's Star (lady_noremon) wrote,
Naïvety's Star

 Well I didn't go to Canadian History, due to Microsoft support and crap (I even got up early so I could do both ;___;)...

Oh well I'd probably insult the poor guy by falling asleep again...

I called Housing about my light, and it is considered a covered light so Maintenance will replace it. [Yep save myself some money :3]

I need to book it now for Art History =O

ciao XD [I wanted to make a longer entry, but forgot about this window being open... 


Not going to Art History ether. Maintenance will be in today, and I haven't yet put away my clean laundry, and my room looks messy. Lane [first name basis] also does pod-casts so I'll catch the class later tonight.

Yeah "Legend of Dragoon" came today. I almost felt bad for opening it (still sealed)... I will play it tonight for a hour or so, just to enjoy Dart again :3 [one of the hottest game characters to me even today...]

Also "Legal Drug" came, and since when has that manga had pot leaves on the cover? -___-

My Link phone charm's head came off, so I need some glue to fix popped out and didn't break so I just need something to  keep it in. My Killua one came today so atleast my phone will be 'pimp'n' till I can fix it XD [why there is a heart, cross, and star on said Killua charm, I don't know o_o]


Still no reply from Trevor...


I need food & to work on my Visual Fundamentals project until Maintenace arrives.

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