October 11th, 2016

Sofie & Howl

Got a Curious Cat account now

Curious Cat:
{ https://curiouscat.me/LadyNoremon }

My Tumblr Ask Box is often open to everyone, though like everything keep harassment out of it:
{ http://lady-noremon.tumblr.com/ask }

I don't use FormSpring or whatever the name is now anymore. They cleared all questions on accounts once and their customer service was horrible about it so I stopped using it :-/ Also I am not sure if my account is still usable since they've changed hands and the website a lot. I am also no longer using Ask.FM either. For the same reasons as FormSpring. When the customer support I get in response to my questions being M.I.A. is 'You can always get new ones ;)' then I'm done with the service.
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