September 1st, 2015


Fuck. Off.

To people whom I won't name unless bothered: Do not contact me. Do not take my removing your LiveJournal accounts from my personal Journal's Friends as a reason to contact me to accuse me of harassment. I did it to increase my safety. Just as I removed the editing rights on that Google Calendar. Just as I disabled comments or other things. Do not try to twist that into harassment or abuse. Do not contact me. I am not a toy. Stop the stalking/monitoring as well. If you are upset reading this, you really shouldn't be viewing my posts anyway. Fuck. Off.
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    Ghost -- Mystery Skulls
Boy Blue -horn-

Dyed my hair blonde.

I tried the blonde thing again yesterday. I used Féria this time as we did when alchemy_hisoka & I dyed my hair for Lestat. I used a natural blonde this time instead of a bright blonde. So yeah, I'm more strawberry blonde now as my red hair lent a tinge. I kept thinking of ahnjehleehn's mom covering her head with tin foil to cook the dye when she dyed her hair years ago. I almost tried it as I have a hard time getting the back of my head hair to absorb dye. Too short for a Nick Rhodes or Boy Blue look though.


More pictures of my now blonde hair. Complete with my Toreador choker & the cat scratch on my nose.