February 22nd, 2015



So, I deactivated my Twitter because I finally snapped about my stalker. "Stalking" is a loaded word, but as they enjoy using labelling as a tactic to make me feel unsafe along with the stalking/monitoring, I don't care. If even a vague tweet last year on a side-account where I didn't use their name or anything lead to UNWANTED contact and then weeks of trying to make me feel unsafe around my friends, and thinly-veiled attacks, I'm terrified about what my finally admitting what my increasing numbers were about.

An old screenshot from last year, not including the My Guests & when they were showing-up from a generic location (confirmed them by the My Guests) → { http://moby.to/0u3d57 }

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And before they try to play my deactivation as "abusers hide things" again, I'll include a copy&paste of my tweets:

►These numbers are roughly how many times someone has showed-up in my journal statistics in 2 years [not quite 2, as it isn't April].
►Yes, averaging over twice a day. Yes, it's unnerving. I know my Twitter & Tumblr are viewed more but I can't track them.
►[-All- my Twitters. I said 1 tweet of something vague on a side-account last year, without any names and it lead to contact.]
►Yes, I take this constant monitoring as harassment. And with all my other stresses I don't need it.
►I don't want any contact on this. Any contact even through another person is unwanted. Hell, I'll probably deactivate out of fear now.
►"Stalking" is a loaded word. It was flattering at first, but now knowing they hate my guts, I can't deal anymore.
►I don't feel safe at all. I know finally saying something will lead to crap & I'll lose friends. So deactivating now.