April 24th, 2014

Army of Two

Quick Ramble After Finally Finishing "Heavy Rain".

Finished “Heavy Rain” yesterday evening. After you know, having to play it over again from Prologue [save corruption]. I first played up to Sexy Girl in 2011 on my peep’s PS3, but since I only get to visit him every couple of months other games took more preference to playing since I already knew the ending from Mattsles (the peep’s) playing. His playing and also how the Crime Scene demo was what we first played is why Norman Jayden is my favourite character. The dorky, awkward, but capable, & clever FBI agent. The part in Crime Scene where he is all “Yeah…yeah of course I do.” about showing his badge for clearance, how awkward his weather/rain conversation is, how you can fail the drinking coffee QTE, and how COVERED IN MUD you can get him (just before the awkward coffee/weather/it’s cold conversation with the cops, and right before meeting Perry) is just ♥. Yes, he is an addict. But you can play him as getting clean, and given that the ARI is part of his job… But, yeah, Norman [or “Nommin’” as we call him] is who I’d love a Chronicle for. I don’t call him Nommin’ to make fun of him, or the speech impediment he may have, but as endearment (it’s how he pronounces his name) and because his actor is British and puts on the wonky accent for the part.

I got New Start, Case Closed, Heroine, & Origami’s Grave for my endings.

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