February 28th, 2014


Love is light

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Lorel answers "...Light in the darkness." with bunched up hands on her knees, voice cracking.
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The only tattoo Lorrie would really get would be a peacock feather, but 'feather' is not an option. If it was, even better if it was a Bizarre one. I thought maybe the 'sun' option since if I get the capacity for it (the Advent Calendar event gave me the things I'd have to grind for, so just the Mark of Credit Pages would be needed), Lorel will have to get "Free From Surface Ties" (yes, despite that being one of the earliest storylets, I've been discarding the final card every time I've drawn it for 4 years) to go to the Iron Republic, so it's be at least an "above ground" connection. But choosing not to get a tattoo gives a point of Respectable, which is more suitable, but not as suitable as a feather. So not sure. I'm worried that there will be another short timed closing event like last year, and a tattoo quality will be an option. Like the 'velocipede' is an object she likes, but she isn't keen enough on the Velocipede Squad to get a tattoo [actually she'd be kicked-off it (exposing the corruption) if things had happened otherwise]. She wouldn't get a picture of Alfred, and the 'knight' option requires that in-game she dies [no, I couldn't bring myself to to it in-game (and since it feels like anything I ever did in role-play was "all in my head" it didn't matter. Which is also why I can only play in-game in small pieces because it leads to feeling futile, because none of what I did or do ever actually was, well "something")].. I only partially played the avatar of the Lonely Knight thing, I had an idea of, but she feel very connected to that role from her 'Neath Dreams**. So I guess my main choices are 'none' or selecting nothing. I was very, very happy that 'light' was an option for what you think of love. The "Lights in the darkness" comes from a conversation in "Dracula". Lorel would probably not have read that though, because supernatural things give her the creeps. But the idea is one she's fond of.

As for other Feast things I got the An Explosion of Neath-Colours on the Stroke of Midnight, the Pirate Poet, & A Ghostly Presence. I wanted the Secular Missionary but she seems to be a regular Companion too and this is just an upgraded version. The Pentecost Ape seems too "FullMetal Alchemist" for me and would freak Lorrie out.

**I made that page before I made a Wikia account.

I went with The Pen to pretend the quill is a feather. So +1 Bizarre. I think it's down her back on the left side, along her ribs.
Forgot to upload the "The Pen" option, when I uploa... on Twitpic ""the flourish of the feather is brave indeed."... on Twitpic
"the flourish of the feather is brave indeed."
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