February 4th, 2014


From R-2E-054 On February 4TH, 2014

I made a similar post on this yesterday with my 3DS that vanished in a Varnish Error :/

I haven't been online much the past week-ish because it's either been too uncomfortable or I've been too doped-up to concentrate to type. I've also not checked my e-mail until earlier today due to that & stress/anxiety. Anyway I'll get into why I've been doped-up & uncomfortable and see how this goes this time. I've installed LiveJournal.NET on my laptop now, but it seems to lack Location (I don't remember it lacking it) so I posted this entry with the Location & as Private and am now editing it now.

According to 2 outpatients doctors I've pulled a ligament along the spikey bony part of my spine. Collapse )

These pills are helping a lot better (still causing vivid messed-up dreams though**), and have lessened the pulling on my spine feeling I was getting while laying on my side. It's still unbearable to lay on my back, but I've only had 3 doses so far. I can handle pain, but where it's my spine the pressure/pulling is very disconcerting! They aren't making me numb though, which I'd rather (though I could easily get addicted to feeling numb :/ ), but just sleeping through discomfort was pants too. The antibiotics look like bees, while the others are just sort of yellow & hard for me to swallow. watchcry says to pretend I'm Nicolas Cage while taking the bee ones, so I've decided to pretend to be "The Magician's Apprentice" Nic Cage.

.@PopeRichardCory on Twitpic ← My Nicolas

As for my appointment last month; my count was high, but not high enough yet for him to order marrow testing. I've lost 14 pounds since October (not sure how much stuffing my face with holiday food factored). So he ordered more blood work & now I'm waiting to see another specialist. But given that I'm still waiting to see one since last year, I expect a long wait.

**So far I've dreamt: I had to have my cat euthanised (and had to actually go find him to make sure it was a dream), that I could feel my television from my bed (it's about 4 feet from where I sleep), a dream that was a mix of Batman/"The Midnight Circus"/The Cold War with The Joker, about a Tzmisce fleshcraft place where an experiment (dressed like a 1950's housewife but with 2 torsos/arms sewn together for a head) saw/heard a Bath Fitter commercial & decided to create something with what she had around her (and I awoke hearing large garden shears, and feeling them by my neck), a messed-up gory horror movie dream where a haunted house was killing people, and one of polo on these robotic faux carpeting covered kangaroo things. So though I'm not groggy from medication now, I'm lacking a bit of sleep from said fucked-up dreams.

I should share the Valentinr substitute I posted for this year too { http://ladynoremon-box.livejournal.com/1504.html }.
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