June 19th, 2013

Boy Blue

"Tigerlily" -- La Roux

Since I listened to from "Feral Dogs" to "Valentine's Day" of "Welcome to Night Vale" today while I was out for about 5 hours doing yard work, I may as well share a kinda Carlos/Cecil fanfic [as I mentioned before; Cecil rambling about Carlos, the dog park, and Harim McDaniels(sp?) are my favourite bits]:
{ http://flowers-fromthecemetery.tumblr.com/post/49320157195/should-we-meet-for-coffee-or-cataclysm }

"The Phone Call" reminded me of it.


And one of my own mini Twitter ones is:
His eyes met his, drawn there like pterodactyls to bespectacled mothers. With even the same look of voracious hunger. And he looked perfect.