September 23rd, 2012

Shink -doll-

3 Doujinshi Cover Scans

I was going to post about "Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward" & my Sea Monkeys, but I've been miserable all evening so I was going to post about that. Instead I reinstalled my scanner, and scanned the covers of 3 doujinshi I've had ranging from between 2008 to the begining of last September. Mainly because I've been asked about finishing my scan of that huge Shink anthology; "For My Love".

Melody of Love

Secret Sheik

Hero * Naoto only book


Collapse )


And here are 2 "The Legend of Zelda" postcards I got (probably from samuraicar--who I greatly recommend!) with one of the Shink doujinshi (I may re-scan them as I see there is a fair bit of lint that showed-up):


I scanned the whole Souji/Naoto doujinshi and it can be found {HERE} [also I ship Naoto/Kanji moreso]