July 7th, 2012


"In Paris" from "Lestat: The Musical"

Nicolas de Lenfant & Lestat de Lioncourt makes plans to runaway to Paris.

Since I uploaded it, I might as well share it over here as well. My favourite song/scene of the musical (I couldn't be assed to go through and clip the video from the webrip I have, as Windows Movie Maker is a jerk at times)...Well I also love the scene where Lestat tells Armand he met Marius XD


I might as well share this cracky fanvid again:

Due to how garbled the audio is, I've uploaded the 'soundtrack' that I have so that one can download the song themself ^^ ---> { http://www.mediafire.com/?da92evff8avig } (It's in ACT I)