May 3rd, 2012


An Attempt At Possible Assistance For Lydia's Veterinary Bill


This is Lydia Georgette Bubbleman Dumphy.

Though I often refer to her as 'Bratface' or Lydiepants. She is a petite cat (just at 8 pounds), but recently turned 1 year-old on April Fools. As you may know she has been to the vets' a lot since I got her, for jumping on the cast iron wood stove & burning her feet, to two chest infections. Anyway today she had to go over again. Yesterday morning she kept vomiting (but had not had any different food, and all my houseplants are cat-safe), and after the 6TH time I made her an appointment. This morning was the soonest I could get her in, but once I called her stomach seemed to settle, so it didn't seem like an extreme emergency. But the rest of the day & night she was dopey, sleepy, & not frisky as she usually is. But though she had perked-up a bit by morning we still went over since she still wasn't quite herself.

Dr. Elson looked her over, and after Lyd hissed & growled we managed to get her temperature; leading to us learning she has a fever. Ever since I got her, her belly has seemed extended a bit, and it had been something we have tried not to worry about, but to watch. Anyway today her stomach felt harder, and Bratface got quite agitated when prodded.--Leading Dr. Elson to suspect a possible obstruction. And since "Lydia eating something she shouldn't." is very possible, I decided to be safe and to have X-rays done (all the while reminded of a past associate's problems with a cat eating thread).

The X-rays showed that her stomach lining is just naturally thicker than average, and thus the cause of her sickness is probably just a bug or infection. So she is on medication to see if that helps her out. ...The thing is; just the X-rays cost $125CAD... And all together today's visit was $170CAD ($190.50 including tax). I charged it, and will work at it over time, but it is still more than I have with my means. So I am posting in the hope of getting some assistance in dealing with this expense by offering $5 commissions.

I doubt that many will even read this, and I am very much aware that I don't have much reach as with a support network, or whut-not. Still even a little bit raised would go for a lot. Examples of my art can be found at:

As can be seen I have several styles from which to choose from, and colouring techniques. ...All of which can be commissioned. Just either leave a comment here (Anonymous is allowed & screening is in place), or send me an e-mail at: ladynoremon at

I can scan the bill if proof is wanted I have scanned the invoice for proof, and I will certainly post more pictures of the brat if requested too. Right now she is back with me, and flaked-out on a footstool resting, but still is not that active & rather annoyed at having to go through today's ordeal.

Lastly, just to provide it, my PayPal is: dumphyse at

I also do some writing, so I guess I should offer drabbles up too. Examples of that can be provided via e-mail by request.

Her X-rays showed just how tiny she is. Her ribs reminded me of a fish's, and her bone structure of a little bird's. There really isn't all that much to my little brat.

A reminder that I am Canadian and thus this amount is in Canadian Dollars (CAD) ^^;

Update: Lydie is doing a lot better! Last night (May 4TH) I finally got her to eat something substantial-a piece of haddock-and then she went & stole Minnow's (I have 3 cats: Minnow, Nicolas, & Lydia) supper. Today is Nicki's birthday so I opened a can of tuna, and she was a thief for that too. Then later I walked past her, she grabbed my jeans & purposely pulled my sandal off. And soon after she batted Nick, stole his new toy, and then went to the water dish & plunked it into it! This is normal brat behaviour~

...I accidentally paid for an online purchase from my PayPal balance, instead of my chequing account, so I paid that $13.00 amount on my veterinary bill today (04-07-2012) from my bank account. I have scanned the invoice to show so.

Lydia's X-Rays from 2012. I asked Bridgetown Animal Hospital to send me copies for curiosity's sake.

 photo Lydia_Dumphy_8630-20120503103431-original.jpeg  photo Lydia_Dumphy_8630-20120503103428-original.jpeg