February 29th, 2012

Kio -lolly-

from Nintendo 3DS February 29TH, 2012

Well tomorrow I finally have my ultasound. My doctor is going on vacation, so it will be awhile before I hear about the results, but I will be glad to have it done (The pain has gone from dull, to sharp.). I have also queasy the past few days, but that is more stress & mood I think--though I worry because a stomach flu is going around in my area. I had a stomach flu in Alberta and it was horrible. Then the pills I was on with it caused me to be right out-of-it, and call one of my dorm-mates by the name of another. Anyway; because I haven't felt up to it, I have been procrastinating making more difficult telephone calls that I need to make.

To be honest the past few days I have also had a lingering hollow-type feeling, and a lack of worth for existing -___- [and all the other draining things (which the 'phone calls have agitated; especially the being so, so hated, & that eats right at me when reminded of it).] So to try and help somewhat, today I readied some of the lettermail I have been meaning to send/went into town to mail it. A lot of my close associations have birthdays in March & April, so I readied 2 cards today. I have a gift-gift for Jeremy (1 card went to him), but it won't fit in a pre-paid Regional mailer, & I don't want to spend more than I paid for it to send it just an hour away. So I took 2 pictures of it wrapped and put them in the card.--I'll give him the gift when I see him in-person next (I could give it to his sister to deliver, but it is a fun gift & I want to maybe watch him try it out when he opens it!). I also sent-out 2 postcards.

I really enjoy sending postal mail. AND I also love receiving it even more.

And I am really enjoying sending little notes in "Swapnote" too. So thank-you koujikouichi & gargantsurprise!~♥


I also beat Spirit Tracks. The end battle was silly convoluted (around 8-10 stages to it)! And also it had the unsatisfactory 'save just before'-type ending. I did manage to complete all the side-things though, except for the 3RD Slippery Station route, and high-scoring some of the mini-games. But at least 'it was all just a dream' wasn't pulled for this ending.

I have MGS3 for 3DS now, but I don't feel up to getting into it right now. I did try the demo' though, and later I will try to remember to paste the rambling I made on Facebook about it here. I was going to try to finish "Overlord: Minions", but I am still annoyed at how many times it froze & glitched the last times I tried. Any suggestions for wgat to play next?



Well watchcry linked me to the 2ND "Sherlock" season, but I only watched episode #1 so far. I looooove Watson's festive sweater though! ...I pretty much just fangirl over his jerseys.

My mom & I ate at Sushi Fang in New Minas, and their tempura is so, so, so delicious. The shrimp were like fluffy, but I didn't get any mushrooms (I don't know if they have them or not). And their miso soup & mango ice-cream was fantastic too~

I had a dream about a zombie dog & "The Mentalist"/ModernAU!Cassius? I have had "Never Let Me Down" by Duran Duran in my head all day? I dreamt about "Pan-Am"? "Charade" is a relatively good movie, but with a good plot? C'rizz is my homeboy?

...I really don't know what else to update with now, and am low on 3DS battery :( So I am sorry again for sucking at getting-back to people, and take-care. Also I hope you lot had an alright Leap Year Day ^^; [my synesthesia has '29' attractively(?) as orange & green, kinda the colour of those gummy worms, only just split in half instead of thirds]!


Ultrasound went alright. I had to drink 16 more ounces of water when I arrived though. 48 ounces all together. Now that isn't really that much for a day, but for drinking in 30 minutes it was D: So much water. I love the design colours & such of the ultrasound waiting room now though. They did it all over in mint, brown, & white. They also have two fabric wall hangings of a boy sotting on a brick wall staring at a castle with rainbows. He reminded me of Little Boy Blue, which made me laugh, as well as a bit sad. ...And I also haven't read any "Fables" since mid-September...

After the hospital I went to Cinnamon Creek & bought a kinda "Doctor Who"-ish postcard to mail to Marts. I didn't see the peacock scarf that I was tempted to buy last time that I was in though. I miss the Layzee Squirrel & Cinnamon Creek being in Bridgetown however :(