October 3rd, 2009

Waya GO

Video Meme/Video Requests/Picture Requests

Since my camera is MIA till I get a new memory card [and I haven't had any wish to draw since January, excluding a few things...some of which need to be finished/scanned/uploaded], I have decided to do a mini-video-request-meme-thing.

I will take a 15second video of anything you want me too, within reason (no porn, or anything I can't physically film; i.e. Boston). Do you want to see Minnow? My kitchen? The Annapoils River? Just ask and if I can I will try and post it up on my YouTube/here :D

Anyone game? :P


OR would you like a picture of something? :D [new 2gb SD card came in t3h mail toooooodaaaaaay :D]