March 29th, 2009

Shink -doll-

I finally released the Minuet of Spring contest...

I dont know why I love the Shink pairing so. It is a non-canon impossible one afterall...but I still love it & it is defiantly in my top 5 OTPs [Nicki/Lestat, The Doctor/Rose, Hyoga/Shun, Sheik/Link, & Killua/Gon (in no peticular order)]. I know the people in the fandom are very awesome! I made the sheikxlink_fc on a whim, and the last almost 5 years have had many snazzy, lovely moments--thanks to the community members~ So I cant wait to see the entries they come-up-with! The post is only viewable to members, but it is rather a lot of typing :-P I typed it at 3am yesterday, but LJ was being too wonky for me to release it then. Im kinda sad that I cant enter though...but I hope my baby works-out fantastic!~[hell, the entry just got a reply from a member I havent seen since 2007!]
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Okay, I TOTALLY forgot about the Canucks' playing the Blackhawks tonight. I tuned in at about 9:55pm and for a change had a working stream for it :D So I tuned-in and was greeted with a brawl D: Liek I didn't know what the fuck was going-on! I heard something about Luongo getting punched and Bieksa's jersey was gone and his undershirt was in tatters and just the refs were holding guys down and...damn. I didn't know what to think D: I later was linked to the following by Mozy [mozy19 on Twitter A.K.A. Richard Loat]:

Yeah the Canucks won 4-0, but I just want to ask; "who thinks it is a good idea to hit a goalie?" like D: *gah*