March 21st, 2009

female Protagonist

beatonna finally made one~

A Major-General Sir Issac Brock comic :3 SERIOUSLY he is by far my favorite Canadian History figure. He died because he refused to send his troops into a place where he himself wouldn't go, so he thus led the charge and was shot. He also began the use of Guerrilla warfare/tactics :O Seriously go read-up on the Canadian version of The War of 1812 :3 It contains a lot if adventure~!

"Seriously! Need I remind you who is in command here?"



Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry is badass. Seriously. [will I use that word anymore today?] Seriously, Seriously, Seriously! [there it's out of my system ;P] His flagship went down and he rowed with a flag-stitched with his friend's dying words-a half-mile in heavy naval gunfire to transfer ship's command. "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP" ["Fight her till she sinks."]___James Lawrence

Lady Nor RS

I am waaaaaaay behind in my goal...BUT I ROCK!

61%/level 99


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I also beat this guy 3 times today in Clan Wars. He was a higher level than me, but he kept wanting to 1vs1, well I kicked his ass. Not just with my granite maul (which is so slow, but really strong), but with my rune dagger too :O He wanted me to join him though and kept saying I must have 60 Defense >.> I have 52 Defense ;P I just plain rock! The game even told me so :D

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So overall a pretty good RuneScape day :D NOW I'M OFF TO WATCH VANCOUVER PLAY PHOENIX!!!~