March 20th, 2009


It's a good time to be a Canucks' fan :3

"Taco Del Mar: home of ripping fish tacos and the wet mondo burrito" just sounds so wrong to me D:

Ahhhhhhhhhh; I looooooove being a Vancouver Canucks' fan right now :D They are playing so well! A little bit of a on-the-road losing streak, buuuuuut at hom is just sooooo much awesome!

Luongo played in top-form tonight :3 I just wish I wasn't catching the game via TEAM1040 radio, and had got to see him play like that :( SHUT-OUT!!!!!!!~

I've been neglecting posting about the games much lately :( Most of that has to do with the games usually fall on nights keledron  works from home the next day so I'm usually using all my concentration to watch the game, and chat with him, mixed__up  & Douchette. Also listening to the game is harder than watching it I've decided because I have to listen extra hard so I don't miss the score/the action ^^;

But yes, bed for Sarah right now ^^

I welcome The Play-Offs with open arms and am so happy to have such a shot at making them this year :D


ALSO: <---Rock Out @ Rausch Haus in Palmerton, PA -GO IF YOU CAN!