March 3rd, 2009

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chipcaramel & me were being random about how our phone-number read in 1337-speak. I had previously talked to Douchette about it and how mine is Bao Etta. Somehow my head has decided Bao Etta is a alien space pirate with pink hair. Leading a Tattage invasion? Ended-up larger than the paper so I had to tap another piece to the bottom. Also I can not outline when I'n sleepy D:


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So there yah go, I'm too lazy to type anymore on it atm D:

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There is a new community created by friends of a friend that is based on spreading joy with "no-deadline, no-stress fandom gift exchange!"~ Because really things have been ass for a lot of people lately.

The rules are in the 
community-info :3 Go support them and all that! *weee* I think this is a wonderful idea and that they are fab' people ^^
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