March 2nd, 2009

female Protagonist


I first need to get a GameBoy Advance SP because my GBA copped-out on me and the backlight looks very snazzy to me :)

-Links Awakening DX,
-Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand,
-Chrono Trigger [I have it for PS, but it won't save on my PS2 even with a old memory card D:],
-Apollo Justice,
-Twin Snakes [must own this someday],

Will keep adding to this when I remember more...

Link -let's go!-

Blue Dragon Plus

Yeah I don't need a new DS [and I'm avoiding a DSi now since it can't play GBA games ;___;], but Wendy does so I'm entering this contest.

By advertising the game and linking to where you are you get entered intoa draw for a prize-pack.