February 26th, 2009


New Shooooooooeeeesssssz :D

FINALLY got the shoes my mom had on lay-away :D

I've never had 'skater' shoes before, but at the times they were only $15 and I needed a pair of sneakers that I could use for not-good. Well after my mom put my good shoes through the washer [when I went to the beach I got them salty & damp and was GOING to just clean them with a damp cloth & let them dry out good...but she took them while I was out and completely ruined them :( I paid a fair bit for them in AB and loved those shoes...], I was in need of a new pair of sneakers. So I have some piratey-hooves now :P They are comfy even without dreaded socks, but I'm still getting used to having flat bottoms. I have a purse & wristband to match them lol.

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I also got some camo' laces to make my shoes all fancy :P

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Yep now to break them in, and I CAN'T WAIT to ride my bike again :C

Random: David Bowie's "China Doll" & "Sound & Vision" sound very similar to each other O:

I also need to upload pictures of the books I bought at the book sale :)